Monday, September 3, 2012

GUTGAA Meet and Greet

Howdy fellow GUTGAAs. 
I'm excited to join in the festivities and meet other writers. Deana Barnhart has done an amazing job with this. Happy blog hopping!

On to the questions:

*      Where do you write?
I mostly write at my computer desk. If the weather is nice and I’m having a plot problem, then I’ll go outside with pen and paper.

*      Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see?
My cat staring at her treat container. I really need to find a better place for that.

*      Favorite time to write?
Early mornings. Sometimes, I’ll start writing at 3:30 or 4 in the morning. I love the silence.

*      Drink of choice while writing?
My favorite drink is a strong cup of coffee.

*      When writing, do you listen to music or do you need complete silence?
It depends. I like writing in silence, but music inspires me. If I’m writing a difficult scene, I’ll play a song that reflects the scene. I love Pandora.

*      What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript and where did you find it?
My latest manuscript is a blend of Space Western and Mystery. Joss Whedon’s Firefly TV series inspired me, as well as Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series. I still can’t believe she died last year. I’ve read her works for almost 30 years.

*      What's your most valuable writing tip?
To quote Galaxy Quest, “Never give up, never surrender!” I have an amazing circle of writing friends that constantly inspire me. They’re also fantastic at kicking my butt when I need it. Having that support is invaluable to me.

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