Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cat's lessons

I've been owned by my cat for seven years, and it's amazing the things I've learned from her. My latest lesson? Perseverance.

While revising my MS this week, I found myself confronted with a plot hole the size of Texas. Maybe the size of Texas and Oklahoma. When writing a list of suggestions, staring out the window, and a bowl of my favorite cereal didn't spark a revelation on how to fix it, I decided to take a break and harrass   play with my cat.

I placed several of her treats (or better known as cat crack) inside an empty paper towel tube. I read the idea on a vet's website, so I'm not totally sadistic. 

She circled the tube, sniffing, growling, and nudging it for a few moments, before slapping the tube off the bed.  She got her treats, and I received more than a dirty look and a swishing tail. A lesson in perseverance. If something isn't working, figure out another solution. 

Only the determined get the kitty treats.